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VAT Refund at the airport

Ground floor - Arrivals

VAT Refund

To obtain a VAT refund, travellers who have reached the Bologna airport need to:

  1. Go to the Customs Agency office near the Arrivals area or the check-in area to obtain a digital stamp on their documentation.
    The Customs Agency may reserve the right to check the goods purchased;
  2. Then, to obtain the refund, passengers may go to one of the ForExchange points of sale (first floor departures, ground floor arrivals).

At these points of sale, travellers may obtain a direct refund or send the documentation after inserting it in special containers.In this case, the refund will later be credited directly to the purchaser’s credit card.

VAT refunds are provided by law under the following conditions:

  • The value of the goods purchased (for each invoice or equivalent document certifying the transaction) must be higher than €154.94 (including VAT);
  • the goods must be intended for personal or family use and must be transported in the passenger’s baggage;
  • the purchase must be certified by an invoice containing a description of the goods, the traveller’s personal details and the details of their passport or any equivalent document proving their non-EU residence or domicile;
  • the goods must leave the territory of the European Union within no more than three months of the date of issue of the invoice approved by the Customs Agency;
  • the goods purchased must be intact, new and not worn or used;
  • the invoices issued in Italy and for which a VAT refund is to be requested must necessarily be issued electronically.

When the goods are purchased, travellers should show their passport and the data contained in the passport must be properly specified on the invoice for which a refund will be requested.
The merchant will generate a code that must be specified on the copy of the tax-exempt invoice provided to the traveller making the purchase.
The traveller must ensure that this code is specified correctly on the copy of the invoice and that all information present on it is correct (number of passport or any other equivalent document also proving nationality and residence/domicile).

Customs Agency Information (“G. Marconi” Airport Local Operating Office)

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