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Special assistance

Advance request for assistance

Assistance must be request in advance with the airline, travel agency or tour operator when you buy the flight or, at the latest, at least 48 hours before departure.
The airline shall forward the request to the airport concerned.

Advance request for assistance consciously and responsibly because:

  • Without advance request or late request for assistance of the service results/may result in longer waiting times at the airport.
  • Advance request the service is essential to enable the airport to provide the passenger with appropriate assistance.

Arriving at the Airport

It is important to be at the airport's contact points at least two hours and thirty minutes before your flight's scheduled departure time (if the company gives longer arrival times, you must comply with them):

  • Help Phone: dedicated phones near the entrances to the terminal, car parks and the Marconi express station.
  • Special assistance reception: located on the ground floor of the terminal, check-in area.
  • Information Desk: counter located at the ground floor of the terminal, check-in area.
  • Check-in counters: the check-in counter for your flight.
  • Parking Office: office located at the ground floor of the P2 Business parking lot, open 24/7 every day.

How to move around the airport

Dedicated routes are also available in our airport for passengers with disabilities who prefer to go to the gate on their own. Please remember that in cases where a wheelchair is used, boarding must be carried out with assistance since it is necessary to use a special dedicated vehicle (or lift) to reach the aircraft, which has a limited capacity and the presence of which cannot always be guaranteed.

Dedicated services

Reserved parking spaces: located at the main entrance of the Terminal on the ground floor and first floor, and in the P2 multi-storey car park. 

Train to the city centre: the connection between the station and the airport with the Marconi express provides assistance for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility. The service can be requested at the stations in the special columns.

Rights and service quality

Regulation (EC) no. 1107/2006 protects the rights of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility (PRM) in all European Union airports, in order to guarantee full accessibility to air transport and an assistance service suited to the needs of the passenger, free of charge and without discrimination.

No one can refuse your booking or boarding on the basis of your disability or reduced mobility. The only exception applies to potential safety related problems connected to national or international regulations or technical impediments, for instance concerning the size of the aircraft.

Autism - A journey across the airport

Bologna Airport participates in the project 'Autism - A journey across the airport', created by ENAC in collaboration with ASSAEROPORTI and DPOs to make the travel experience of autistic people and their escorts an easy one.

The project is outlined on a brochure dedicated to the escorting people with suggestions to introduce the autistic people to the travel experience and a 'social overview' dedicated to autistic people, giving an advance view of the journey throughout the airport with a leaflet and slides, hence reducing the emotional impact that such new situation implies, and face the travel with ease.

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