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Welcome to Bologna Airport

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Standard flex ticket

One way 9,20 €
return ticket 17,00 €

Family fare

One way 19,00 €
return ticket 36,00 €

Group tickets

One way 7,50 €
return ticket 15,00 €

Up to

5 Min.
Waiting time at security checks, from the turnstiles Estimated time - Please report to the airport well in advance

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Airlines Destination Flight number Estimated timetable Status
British Airways LONDON LHR BA545 19:48 GATE CLOSED
Austrian Airlines VIENNA OS550 19:50 GATE CLOSED
Ryanair BRINDISI FR3774 21:00 Check-in A 01→06
Ryanair BARI FR3894 21:05 Check-in A 01→06

All departures

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Airlines From Flight number Estimated timetable Status
Ryanair CAGLIARI FR3969 20:19
Ryanair BUCHAREST OTP FR3807 20:24
Ryanair EINDHOVEN FR787 20:27
Ryanair CATANIA FR3893 20:29
Wizz Air TIRANA W63847 20:32

All arrivals

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