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5 Min.
Waiting times at the security checkpoints Estimated time - Last update 01:36

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Airlines Destination Flight number Estimated timetable Status
Aeroflot MOSCOW SVO SU2429 01:45 BOARDING
Klm AMSTERDAM KL1582 06:20 Check-in C 49→53
Ryanair LONDON STN FR195 06:20 Check-in A 01→06
Air Dolomiti MUNICH EN8245 06:20 Check-in B 35→40
Ryanair BRINDISI FR4338 06:25 Check-in A 01→06

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Airlines From Flight number Estimated timetable Status
Alitalia CATANIA AZ1367 08:30
Wizz Air CRAIOVA W63761 08:30
Blue Panorama Airlines TIRANA BV2229 08:40
Ryanair KRAKOW FR4322 08:45
Air Dolomiti MUNICH EN8238 09:10

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