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Kiss and Fly

Kiss & Fly

If you're driving or picking someone up from the airport you have 10 minutes of free parking!

Free parking 10 min up to three times a day.
Only for vehicles not exceeding 1.85 mt.
For vehicles up to 1,85 metres high
Length of stay Standard fare
1st day
  • € 0,00 0-10 minutes free up to three times a day
    4th transit € 40,00
  • € 4,00 up to 30 minutes
  • € 8,00 up to 1 hour
  • € 12,00 up to 1,5 hours
  • € 16,00 up to 2 hours
  • € 40,00 up to 24 hours
From 2nd day on
  • € 30,00 a day
For vehicles exceeding 1,85 metres of height
Length of stay Standard fare
1st day
  • € 10,00 / per hour and any fraction thereof
From 2nd day on
  • € 40,00 a day


(Non è possibile prenotare con meno di 24 ore di anticipo dall'orario di inizio della sosta)

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