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Integrated policy

The Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna S.p.A. has long adopted a policy of harmonising development with sustainability, and hence of integrating the satisfaction of the demand for transport with the safeguard of the environment and of the workers' safety and health and the employment growth.

As an airport Management company, the Society feels as a priority the reduction of energy consumption and the use of renewable sources, in order to minimise costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The accomplishment of such goals is a responsibility of all involved. The Top Management is aware that leadership, commitment and the involvement of all top levels are fundamental for the smooth development and the improvement of the System, and it provides for policies and strategic objectives about quality, environment, energy, workers' health and safety which are consistent with the corporate mission. In such view the Top Management ensures the adoption and improvement of an integrated System of Quality, Environment, Energy and Safety Management based on the complaince with the following principles:

  • Meeting the local demands for transport working in a development perspective;
  • Aiming at the satisfaction of the customers' needs and of all those concerned;
  • Improving the internal efficiency and realising the organisation strategy through an adequate structure of the activities in processes, highlighting and keeping the tasks and the responsibilities under control with respect to the internal relations and the relations to the customers;
  • Establishing and keeping the processes of constant innovation and improvement active, in order to be able to promptly and efficiently adapt to the changing market context;
  • Assessing, preventing and minimising the environmental impact and the workers' health and safety risks, in particular of work injuries and work-related diseases;
  • Operating in compliance with the current legislation, regulations and other applicable terms regarding environment, work health and safety as well as the energy consumption and efficiency, including those voluntarily adopted, checking the compliance of behaviours with the legislative updates;
  • Taking particular care about the checking, monitoring, measuring and analysing activities, promoting a reporting system able to constantly optimise the performances and promptly tackle the criticalities;
  • Promoting a emergencies response system that provides for quick and effective interventions, based on the professional skills of the appointed company roles and on the coordination with other Companies/Societies operating at the airport, as well as with the airport and local parties with institutional appointments;
  • Performing coordination and monitoring activities aimed at promoting correct practices on behalf of subcontractors, suppliers and companies working for the organisation consistent with AdB policies;
  • Ensuring the availability of information and of all necessary resources to reach the goals and targets;
  • Providing for the necessary resources to outline and reassess the goals for a constant improvement;
  • Contributing to the fight against climate change, constantly improving the energy efficiency and using alternative and renewable sources. Ensuring that when developing or renewing infrastructures/plants, as well as purchasing products or services relevant to the energy issue, the requirements taken into considerations safeguard the improvement of the energy performances;
  • Providing for the availability of our policies to all interested, promoting their spreading and implementation through circulation, information and training activities;
  • Commitment to engage with stakeholders.

Such principles are the basis of our policy, which must represent a reference point to regularly establish and reexamine goals and targets, summarised within their specific programmes, available for reference for more detailed information.

All employees must sustain high quality standards of the service and of the environmental safeguard parameters, of the energy, water resources, of the work-related health and safety and, therefore, they must commit to a constant practice to prevent and promptly correct any deviations from company, national and international regulations.

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