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    Due to work at security checks, we recommend you to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.

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Transition to electric and other actions

Aeroporto di Bologna recognises the importance of a gradual transition to electric vehicles. For this reason, it has started to replace its company fleet - cars, vans and operating vehicles - with new vehicles equipped with electric motors or alternative fuels. 6 electric and 3 hybrid vehicles have already been added to the fleet. An electric lift was also purchased for passengers with reduced mobility and the acquisition of a second lift is planned. Another 7 electric and 3 hybrid vehicles will also be soon added to the fleet.
For staff work travel it is also possible to use electric vehicles from Corrente carsharing.


Charging stations and reserved parking spaces

Aeroporto di Bologna also plans to equip all car parks with charging stations and parking spaces reserved for recharging vehicles. In 2023, the first 10 charging stations were built in passenger, staff and suppliers' car parks. An additional 10 charging stations and 10 e-bike charging stations will be installed in 2024. At the same time, design began for a further 20 electric charging stations in the air-side area, which will also be built during 2024.

Use of alternative fuels

A feasibility plan is being studied for the use of alternative fuels (HVO Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil) for airport vehicles and for the launch of an incentives plan for the use of SAF fuels (sustainable aviation fuels) for aircraft.

Staff home-work commuting

Aeroporto di Bologna also promotes the use of green and sustainable means of transport in order to minimise the emissions of employees on their home-work commute. In 2020, in collaboration with local authorities and transport operators, an integrated system was activated for the staff of the entire airport community among the various methods alternative to the use of private vehicles. A MaaS (Mobility as a Service) pilot project has been launched, with a single integrated metropolitan tariff system, which goes beyond the concept of an urban, suburban and extra-urban network, combining the Marconi Express monorail, and urban, suburban and extra-urban buses in one subscription, as well as a package of minutes from TPER's “Corrente” electric car sharing. Since 2022, the season pass for staff also includes regional trains and the transport of bicycles on the train. In the future, the single fare system could also be extended to passengers.

The monorail reduces environmental impact

With the activation of the Marconi Express, the electric-powered monorail that connects the airport with the central railway station of Bologna, the environmental and logistical impact of the movement of passengers and workers to and from the airport has been reduced.

The service is 100% environmentally friendly, with 1,904 photovoltaic panels installed that provide around 35% of its energy needs and the remaining energy required obtained on the market from certified green suppliers. Marconi Express therefore does not produce carbon dioxide, instead reducing it, removing thousands of cars from the roads every month. From 1 January to 30 September 2023, travel from the airport to Bologna's central station and vice versa by monorail permitted savings of approximately 884.5 tonnes of CO2: the calculation is the result of multiplying the number of passengers transported - equal to 1,730,104 people in 2023 - by a coefficient that takes into account the average emissions of a car, the average journey to the airport and the number of users who would have travelled with their own vehicle as an alternative to the Marconi Express. In 2023, the 1,904 photovoltaic panels produced more than 423 MWh of energy.

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