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Air quality biomonitoring

Bees are natural receptors for monitoring air quality, as they store pollutants simply by flying. Aeroporto di Bologna began biomonitoring air quality by placing beehives in areas around the airport. It analyses the bees and their serum in the laboratory to detect the concentration of pollutants.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with ERGO, an accredited spin-off of the University of Bologna and in agreement with CONAPI (National Consortium of Beekeepers), which monitors air quality in several Italian cities through private citizens (beekeepers) who volunteer to host beehives.

The data obtained from these analyses complement the air quality monitoring that has already been carried out since 2018 with measuring stations located near the airport.

The biomonitoring is complemented by information and awareness-raising campaigns targeting airport employees and passengers and focusing on the importance of bees in the context of nature and the ecosystem.

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