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MuoviAMOci Project

Bologna Airport defined a Home-Work Travel Plan which involved the whole airport community to improve the accessibility to the workplace and by setting challenging objectives such as satisfying mobility needs, improving road congestion and reducing energy consumption.

Through integrated mobility management actions, aimed at intercepting even small and medium-sized companies that gravitate to the airport site and through the experimental figure of the Airport Mobility Manager, the employees of all the companies operating on site have benefited from the opportunity to access an innovative offer of public transport and other forms of facilitation.

The first step was to launch the communication campaign called MuoviAMOci in order to create awareness in the airport community on the project's sustainability objectives. Once the most influencing factors were identified, the period of dialogue with the various stakeholders began, creating, a multimodal and integrated subscription in cooperation with the competent governmental bodies and local transport service operators: a sort of pilot based on the principles of MaaS - Mobility as a Service, i.e. a "bundle" made up of various means of transport and services that can be used alternatively or in combination by subscribers.

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