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Creation of a wooded area

The planting of a wooded area north of the airport has begun, a green lung of around 40 hectares with the main function of absorbing carbon dioxide and integrating the airport into the landscape.

The wooded area is one of the projects included in the Decarbonisation Plan with which the Airport aims to eliminate its direct and indirect emissions by 2030.


The benefit in terms of carbon dioxide absorption is estimated at 500 tonnes/year during the entire life cycle of the woodland. In Italy, one person produces 5 tonnes of CO2 every year on average, so 33 trees are needed to offset the emissions of a single person. The type of plant also affects the amount of carbon dioxide captured, as does the age, size, climate and soil in which they are planted.

The plants in the wooded area have also been carefully selected to ensure maximum absorption of CO2 while also minimising the risk of attracting birdlife.

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