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  • Notice of Strike - Sunday, June 4th

    Passengers are advised that on Sunday, June 4th, due to several national and local air transport workers strike, there may be some disruption to airport  services.

    For flight information, we recommend you contact your airline

    You can also see the live flight information page on Bologna Airport website.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Bologna Airport operates in an area that has embraced innovation as an essential tool to increase the competitiveness of the production system.

This ecosystem comprises universities, research centres, technopoles and business clusters that operate here, working to innovate products and processes, to improve business efficiency and the quality of life.

Bologna Airport is perfectly placed in this context and makes the drive for innovation a decisive element of its corporate development strategy.

Digitisation, predictive analysis, and experimentation with cutting-edge technologies are part of this company's daily life and guides to future projects.

The Bologna Airport Innovation Plan 2022-2026 has several objectives, which can be summarised as follows:

  • identify a shared digital strategy;
  • create a smart and digital airport;
  • implement digital services for people with disabilities;
  • identify new ideas and tools to support the passenger;
  • improve the user experience.

The simplification of travel and the identification of increasingly new technologies aimed at improving the customer experience, highlight the importance given to the passenger who begins their journey well before boarding the plane.
This is why Bologna Airport wants to position itself, also on the international stage, as one of the leading airports, a promoter of new technologies and digital processes. The airport of the future, today.

The Innovation Plan 2022-2026 comprises eight categories of intervention:

  • Big data and BI
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Internal systems
  • Development of the airport community/territory relationship
  • Operational technologies

Of the numerous projects within the Plan, a focus on seven particularly significant projects is provided: Chatbot, Listening to passengers – Smiles, Scan & Fly, Logiscan compact, Assistance for deaf passengers – Tellis Service, Wi-Fi Tracking and Wayfinding.

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