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Environment & Energy

Bologna Airport has an Noise and air traffic monitoring used for the following activities:

  • monitoring noise from flight operations;
  • analysing radar tracks in order to detect possible violations of noise abatement procedures;
  • managing relations with the surrounding communities by publishing noise data and managing a database of complaints from members of the public;
  • simulating future air traffic scenarios for the purpose of studying noise mitigation measures.

The airport noise monitoring system includes the following:

  • fixed or mobile Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMTs) located throughout the area;
  • a centralized System for the Acquisition, Storage, Correlation and Management of Data;
  • an Analysis and Distribution System for the analysis, visualization, filtering, reporting and distribution of data.

AdB's airport noise monitoring activities are carried out under the supervision of local authorities (Bologna Municipal Council, Calderara Municipal Council, ARPA- Bologna Provincial Section). In particular, ARPA conducts periodic acoustic measurement campaigns in parallel to check the accuracy of the data.

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