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    Due to work at security checks, we recommend you to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before the flight departure time.

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Entertainment projects

The airport's Innovation Plan also includes Entertainment projects which aim to entertain passengers throughout their journey through the airport. In fact, Bologna Airport believes it is necessary to provide all the fundamental information so that the passengers can do what they need at the airport quickly and easily. However, the airport wanted to take a further step and also offer some forms of entertainment, especially during waiting times.

One of these forms of entertainment was provided by “Quiz al Volo”, a digital game created by the airport and aired on the terminal's information screens in 2023. Passengers, using their mobile devices, by simply scanning a QR code on the terminal screens, thus had the opportunity to play and challenge each other in the latest quizzes and on curiosities about the world of aviation, the airport and the destination of Bologna.


The “Quiz al Volo” test period provided useful data on the public's appreciation of gaming-based projects and thus laid the foundations for other entertainment projects, to develop new solutions and continue to entertain passengers during their airport journeys as best as possible.

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