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Special assistance at the airport

How to ask for assistance

How to ask for assistance

In order to grant an adequate and prompt service, the request for the assistance must be made to the Airline already while booking and as early as 48 hours prior your departure time. It will be the Airline's duty to forward such request to the concerned airport.


Strictly pursuant to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, within the air travel, as well as in all other aspects of life, people with reduced mobility have the same rights as any other citizen to the freedom of movement, freedom of choice and to non-discrimination.

Different types of assistance

While booking your flight, if you need a special assistance please inform your airline about your specific needs at least 48 hours prior your departure time. At the time of your booking it is important to specify the type of assistance needed:

    A passenger who can autonomously walk on board the plane as well as walk down and up the stairs, but who needs a wheelchair or other vehicles to move long distances around the airport Terminal.
    A passenger who can autonomously walk onboard the plane, but who cannot walk up and down the stairs and needs a wheelchair or other vehicles to move long distances around the airport Terminal.
    An immobilised passenger who needs a wheelchair to move and who needs assistance from the arrival at the airport until the end of the flight and to get out of the airport. 
  • DEAF
    A passenger with a hearing or hearing and speech impairment.
    A passenger with a visual impairment (please distinguish between blind and legally blind).
  • DPNA
    A passenger with mental or behavioural disorders. 

For further information please contact our Assistance Centre calling the phone number 0039 051 6479615.

Arriving at the Airport

Arriving at the Airport

On the day of arrival at the airport it is important to report as soon as possible to one of the contact points to inform about one's arrival and receive assistance. It is important to show up at the airport in due time according to the Airline's guidelines, and anyway at least 120 minutes before the flight scheduled departure time.

The expected waiting times to receive assistance vary:

  • Short waiting times for passengers who have booked the service at least 48 hours before their departure time.
  • Longer waiting times for passengers who have booked the services less than 48 hours before their departure time or who ask for it at the airport.

Contact points

The contact points are dedicated areas where passengers with reduced mobility can report to and inform about their arrival and ask for assistance.

The following are the contact points at Bologna Airport:

  • Help Phone: dedicate handsets located near the entrance to the Terminal (one on the first floor and two on the ground floor) and the parkings dedicated to Passengers with Reduced Mobility (3 in the P2 multi-storey car park);
  • Assistance Waiting Area (ground floor);
  • Information Desk (ground floor);
  • Check-in desks (ground floor);
  • Parking Supervision Office (P2 multi-storey car park).

Dedicated services

Dedicated services

Reserved parking spaces: located at the main entrance of the Terminal on the ground floor and first floor, and in the P2 multi-storey car park. 

  • Assistance Waiting Area: waiting area for Passengers with Reduced Mobility, located at the ground floor, check-in area near the Information Point;
  • Sala Amica:
    • Two on the first floor, the first of which before the Security Checks and one after, in the Schengen boarding area;
    • one on the ground floor, in the airside near the boarding gate.
  • Wheelchairs: available, and easy to find in several areas of the terminal for Passengers with Reduced Mobility both on arrival and on departure.
  • Lifts: wheelchair friendly access, Braille pushbuttons and acoustic announcements.
  • Loges route: available from the main entrance of the terminal on the first floor leading to the information desk.
  • Hearing aids amplifier: counters equipped with a magnetic induction amplifying system at the Information desk located on the ground floor.
  • Passengers on arrival: escorting planned until the taxi area, the city or tourist bus stops and to the P2 multi-storey car park.
  • Ambulifts: available for boarding and disembarking passengers on/from the aircraft.

Rights and service quality

The EU 1107/2006 Regulation (applicable to all EU airports) grants full accessibility to air travel without any discrimination nor additional costs for disabled passengers or passengers with a reduced mobility.

No one can refuse your booking or boarding on the basis of your disability or reduced mobility. The only exception applies to potential safety related problems connected to national or international regulations or technical impediments, for instance concerning the size of the aircraft.

For flights within the EU, if no technical issue prevents it, and provided that a prior 48-hour notification was made, airlines must carry medical equipments and 2 mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or crutches, without any additional charges.

Autism - A journey across the airport

Autism - A journey across the airport

Bologna Airport participates in the project 'Autism - A journey across the airport', created by ENAC in collaboration with ASSAEROPORTI and DPOs to make the travel experience of autistic people and their escorts an easy one.

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Deaf - Video Remote Interpreting (Italian Sign Language)

Deaf - Video Remote Interpreting (Italian Sign Language)

Bologna Airport increases its accessibility for deaf passengers, thanks to the free service TELLIS: deaf passengers can call the airport information office or communicate on site with the airport staff for any need, thanks to qualified interpreters in LIS (Italian Sign Language), connected remotely.

The service is available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 to 12:00; on Tuesday and Thursday from 15:00 to 18:00.

How to use the TELLIS Service?

  • From the Airport website, by clicking on the 'Chiama TELLIS' button at the bottom of this page.
  • From the TELLIS website (section TELLIS FREE ACCESS).
  • From the TELLIS app (section TELLIS FREE ACCESS).

In addition, for its guests, the Airport info point is equipped with two TecnoADIL devices, multilingual universal translators, with integrated TELLIS Service, that also allow deaf passengers to communicate with the airport staff.


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