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All pets, and in particular dogs, must be kept on a lead and wear a muzzle in all public areas of Bologna Airport. If not, they must be carried in an appropriate case (ENAC 3/99). Those appointed to look after pets must have everything required to clean and remove animal excrement.

Rules for Travel

Small Animals

Small animals may be transported in the passenger cabin in an appropriate container with an absorbent and waterproof base which does not exceed the dimensions of 46x25x31 cm. Total weight, including the case, must not exceed 8 -10 kg according to carrier regulations. Booking is compulsory.

Large Animals

Large animals must be carried in the hold (pressurised, lit and heated), in a suitable container compliant with the IATA standards (the animal must be able to stand and turn around). The booking must be made in advance.

Health and Safety Documents

E.U. Countries

For transit of dogs, cats of ferrets in European Union countries, these animals must:

  • have an EU passport (issued by the veterinary service of the local health department in the area of residence);
  • be vaccinated against rabies;
  • be identified with a microchip or tattoo;

The animal will not be accepted for carriage if it does not have a passport.

The United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Sweden require additional guarantees, details of which can be found on the following websites: (Ireland), (Sweden), (Great Britain), (Malta).

Puppies, kitten and ferrets under the age of three months cannot be brought into Italy. It is advisable to contract the Consulate of the destination country for information of the regulations in force and for details of exceptions applied by other EU countries.

Non-E.U. Countries

When travelling with an animal to a non-European Union country, it is best to contact the veterinary service of the local health department in the area of residence in order to check out the procedures and certifications required by each country. Helpful information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health – Centre for the prevention and control of disease.

For entry into Italy from non-European Union countries of an accompanied animal, it is necessary to have a certificate of origin and health. Dogs, cats and ferrets must have a specific health certificate (Decision of the Commission 2004/824/CE), filled in by the health authority holding jurisdiction. The documents must be presented to the customs officials at the border upon entry to the national territory.

For entry into Italy from non-European Union countries of an unaccompanied animal, it is necessary to have a certificate of origin and health, while dogs, cats and ferrets must have the specific health certificate envisaged by EU regulations (Decision of the Commission 2004/595/CE). In both cases, the Official Vet of the (Posto di Ispezione Frontaliero – the Border Inspection Post in the airport) will be asked to intervene and issue the Documento Veterinario Comune di Entrata (DVCE), the veterinary document allowing entry into the country.

There are special restrictions for accompanied or unaccompanied birds arriving from other countries.

Protected species

Anyone wishing to enter with birds, fish, frogs or turtles must provide a certificate of origin provided by the country of origin.
Any protected species (parrots, aquatic turtles, ornamental fish…) must be accompanied by a CITES certificate, which authorises exportation.
For further information visit the official CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) web site:


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