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Vision, Mission & Strategy

Our Vision

The route development opportunities together with the ground transport network expansion could make Bologna Airport an ideal air to ground gateway not only for outgoing but also for incoming passengers.

Our Mission

Bologna Airport to be recognized by passengers as an ideal gateway thanks to its rich destination network, the ease of access from the wider region and the high quality of its facilities and services.

Strategic objectives

In 2019, the Group continues to take steps to achieve the objectives of the strategy that underpins the development of all business. The main strategic guidelines are as follows:

Connect Connect

The Group aims to maintain varied and functional flight offerings to different user segments through an increase in the number of carriers operating at the Airport, while continuing to maintain a profit margin even in the incremental traffic that might be generated. Under the scope of traffic development, the Group strives to increase routes through the introduction of new routes towards the east and long haul destinations, and to increase flight frequency towards destinations already serviced. The Group will also operate to improve hub access through the strengthening of intermodality and expansion of the reference catchment area.


Functional to the development of the Company's business is the realisation of the planned investments in the Master Plan and the Programme Contract being finalised, with a strategy that provides efficient use of the existing infrastructure capacity and a modular implementation of new investments in order to align the infrastructure capacity with the development of the expected traffic. In the infrastructure development plan, the project to extend upon the passenger terminal is particularly important; specifically aiming to strengthen the security controls area and departure gates and commercial surface area.
The Group also intends to act to strengthen the non-aviation business through the development of new stores, new parking places and the extension of the range of passenger services offered.


As part of its development strategies, the Group is careful to ensure continuous improvement of services provided to airport users in the business areas in which the Group operates, directly and indirectly, while ensuring an even higher standard of safety, quality and environmental friendliness. By way of driver to support and improve all customer loyalty and management aspects, the Group believes it is important to develop a culture of innovation that is hinged on the implementation of technological systems enabling increased interaction with passengers and consequently optimising the travel experience in the airport.


The Group is committed to paying careful attention to all aspects of sustainability, from environmental to respect for ethical and social principles, considering the important role played by the Airport of Bologna, as a functional pole on the territory. The Group also intends to operate to make best use of the people working at the Airport and construct an organisation perfectly able to respond to the continuous demands made by the market; one that can support people as they go about their work.

The Group has also identified two guidelines transversal to the above strategic goals, which represent a continuous point of reference for company business:

 Maximise financial performance

  • The Group seeks to develop economic-financial performance and foster a suitable return for shareholders.

Performing corporation Performing and sustainable corporation

  • The Group aims to improve the efficiency and efficacy of its processes and internal structure, with a view to improving company performance and development, while paying increasing attention to sustainability in its environmental, social and governance components.