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Key Figures

Bologna Airport consolidated revenues in 2017 amounted to Euro 99.1 million, increasing by 9.6% compared to Euro 90.4 million in 2016, thanks to the positive trend registered by both Aeronautical (airport charges paid by passengers, airlines and airport operators) and Non-Aeronautical revenues.

In particular, 2017 Aeronautical revenues amounted to Euro 53.2 million, with an increase of 10.3% due to the growth in the passengers traffic and to the improvement in the contractual conditions with some carriers. The Non-Aeronautical revenues amounted to Euro 38.2 million, registering a growth of 8.3% thanks to the positive trend of all its components and in particular services to passengers, Retail and car parking.

The operating costs in 2017 amounted to Euro 64.9 million, with an increase of 4.3% mostly due to increased costs for consumables and goods (+26.2% mainly due to higher fuel purchases), to construction services (+12.3% combined with higher revenues, as evidenced by the increase in the corresponding investment), other operating expenses (+11.1%), leases, rentals and other costs (+5.9%) and the personnel costs (+5.1% due to the staff growth of 13 full-time equivalent people for activities sensitive to traffic increase such as security).

2017 Consolidated EBITDA amounted to Euro 34.2 million, with a growth of 21.3% compared to Euro 28.2 million in 2016. Consolidated EBIT amounted to Euro 22.6 million, growing by 31.0% compared to Euro 17.3 million in 2016.

2017 consolidated net result amounted to Euro 16.2 million compared to Euro 11.4 million of 2016 (+41.9%). This result is supported by strong traffic growth and the related positive dynamics on all revenue lines, as well as by the control of the cost structure.

Bologna Airport has registered in 2017 a significant growth of traffic for a total of 8,198,156 passengers, included flights and General Aviation, compared to 7,680,992 passengers in 2016.

Both the legacy carriers traffic and the low-cost segment contributed to confirm this positive trend in passengers’ growth. In particular, the legacy traffic registered an increase of 8.6% thanks to the introduction of new flights (Tirana and Kiev respectively by Ernest Airlines and Dart Airlines) and to the strengthening of frequencies by the most important international airlines towards certain hubs (the higher daily frequency by Air France on Paris, Alitalia on Rome and Catania, TAP on Lisbon, Jetairly on Marrakech and Air Dolomiti on Monaco).

The low cost traffic confirms as well its net growth trend, increasing by 5.5%, thanks to the strengthened investment on the airport by most important low cost airlines, in particular Ryanair with new connections on Naples, Prague, Colonia, Bratislava, Eindhoven and Lisbon, Wizzair which started a flight to Suceava and increased frequencies to Chisinau, Craiova and Timisoara, as well as Eurowings that introduced a new flight to Hamburg since Summer 2017.

Thanks to a slight recovery of the flights towards Egypt also the charter segment registered in 2017 a relevant growth (8.5%), remaining however a minor segment compared to overall airport traffic.

The average load factor registered a significative increase, from 78.5% in 2016 to 80.9% in 2017, driven by a passengers’ increase higher than the rise of offered seats.

Cargo traffic confirmed a positive trend, too, with 56,132,109 kg, growing by 17.7% compared to 2016, thanks to the increase of volumes in all the traffic’s components.

Confirming the solidity of Bologna Airport traffic, today there are 106 destinations that can be reached directly, with 45 carriers active at the airport. Ryanair is confirmed as the first airline for the number of passengers, followed by Wizz Air, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Air France and British Airways.

Traffic data March 2019

Passengers 730,658
Aircraft Movements 5,770
Freight by aircraft service (Tons) 3,583