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Key Figures

Bologna Airport consolidated revenues in 2018 amounted Euro 114.1 million, increasing by 15.1% compared to Euro 99.1 million in 2017, thanks to the positive trend registered by both Aeronautical (airport charges paid by passengers, airlines and airport operators) and Non-Aeronautical revenues.

In detail, revenues from aeronautical services in 2018 amounted to Euro 56.3 million, up 5.9% on the previous year, mainly due to the increase in traffic and the improvement in the contractual conditions with some carriers. On the other hand, revenues for non-aeronautical services, amounted to Euro 41.2 million, increasing by 7.7% thanks to the good performance of all the components of this category.

2018 operating costs amounted to Euro 75.4 million, with an increase of 16.1% compared to 2017 mainly linked to service costs (+7.1%) and costs for construction services (+132.4%, in parallel with higher revenues due to the growth in investments), rents, rentals and other costs (+5.9%, due to the growth in traffic on which the concession and security fees are calculated and to the increase of the fees for investments in technology). The other operating expenses register a reduction (-7.4%, due to the absence of accessory charges for the purchase of a property in 2017).

Excluding revenues and costs for construction services and the reversal of the "one-off" system charges in the period, compared to a 6.5% increase in revenues, the increase in costs is limited to 2.1% resulting in an adjusted gross operating margin of 38 million euros, up 14.4% compared to 2017.

2018 consolidated EBITDA amounted to Euro 38.7 million, with a growth of 13.1% compared to Euro 34.2 million in 2017. Consolidated EBIT amounted to Euro 25.2 million, growing by 11.4% compared to Euro 22.6 million in 2017.

Consolidated net result in 2018 amounted to Euro 17.9 million, registering an increase of 10.8% compared to Euro 16.2 million in 2017. Group's share amounted to Euro 17.9 million compared to Euro 16 million in 2017 (+ 12.3%).

Bologna Airport registered in 2018 a total of 8,506,658 passengers, including flights and General Aviation, setting a new traffic record, with an increase of 3.8% compared to 8,198,102 passengers in 2017, thanks the introduction of new destinations and the upgrading of already active routes.

The growth in passenger traffic is supported by both the legacy carrier traffic traffic component and the low-cost component. In particular, legacy traffic grew by 4.3%, thanks to the introduction of new flights (including Athens, Kiev, Tblisi, Vienna and six destinations in Russia) and the upgrading of the frequencies of some of the main companies international (including the fifth daily flight to Frankfurt operated by Lufthansa, the fourth daily flight to Amsterdam, operated by KLM, and the third daily flight to Moscow operated by Aeroflot).

The low-cost segment also confirms a growth trend, with an increase of 2.6% thanks to the strengthened investment on the airport by the most important low-cost airlines, in particular Ryanair, which launched new connections for Amman, Kaunas and London Luton, continued those for Bratislava, Cologne, Naples and Prague and increased the frequencies for Manchester. Furthermore, the frequencies operated by Vueling on the Bologna-Barcelona route (from 7 to 12 weekly frequencies) increased from 1 May 2018.

In 2018 there was also a traffic increase in in the charter segment (+ 51.3%), thanks to the slight recovery of flights to Egypt, which remains however a marginal segment compared to overall airport traffic.

The average load factor confirms the positive trend, passing from 80.9% in 2017 to 81.3% in 2018, thanks to the increase in passengers higher than the rise of offered seats.

Cargo traffic in 2018 was 52,681,291 kg, 6.1% lower than in 2017 due to the absence of the extraordinary volumes recorded during the previous year.

Confirming the strength of Bologna Airport traffic, to date there are 114 destinations that can be reached directly, with 49 carriers active at the airport: Ryanair is confirmed as the first airline by number of passengers, followed by Wizz Air, Alitalia, Air France , Lufthansa and British Airways.

Traffic data February 2020

Passengers 590,287
Aircraft Movements 5,164
Freight by aircraft service (Tons) 2,796