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The reporting system

The reporting of accidents/mishaps and incidents occurring in the airside area represents one of the essential elements for the Airport Management to maintain a high level of operational safety; along with this, it is also fundamental to report all those anomalies (near misses/mishaps, risky conditions) which did not cause any accidents or risky events, but which, jointly with other factors, might have jeopardised the safety of the operations.

Such reporting contributes to the knowledge and the improvement of the management of both events and potential risks, before they might cause an accident or a serious inconvenient, and allow to define procedures for the performance of all airside activities.

The operators can report via e-mail, phone, texting an sms or filling in a Voluntary Safety Report form, which is available to all airport operators.

Send us your report, your contribution is precious. You don’t have to display your name, but doing so might be useful in case we need any further information. Thanks for your cooperation.
The voluntary safety reports are handled confidentially and in no case are the reporter’s details divulged.

Always bring BLQ with you