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Airport Fees & Charges

Aeronautical Charges and Fees

Launch of Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” Airport Users annual Consultation Procedure for:

  1. Airport charges revision proposal 2022 and Annual information regarding 2020;
  2. Reduced Mobility Passengers fee proposal for the year 2022.

Bologna Airport Annual Users Hearing, Conditions for participation and access to confidential documentation

On 27 October 2021 (scheduled start and end time: 10.30-13), at the Conference Room of the Marconi Business Lounge, first floor, Passenger Terminal of the “G. Marconi”, via Triumvirato n. 84, 40132 Bologna, also accessible via teleconference, the "Annual Public Hearing" of the users of the "Guglielmo Marconi" airport of Bologna will be held, with the above proposals i) and ii) on the agenda.

From October 1, 2021 and throughout the Users Consultation Procedure we will be putting at your disposal all the confidential documentation.

Responsible for the Procedure is Mrs. Patrizia Muffato, CFO and Investor Relator of Bologna Airport, contactable to the pec address aeroporto.marconi@pec.bologna-airport.it

Users interested (*) in participating to the Annual Public Hearing and in receiving the confidential and reserved information, are kindly requested to proceed according to the following instructions:

  1. Send an e-mail-request of participation and access to the documentation to the following address: aeroporto.marconi@pec.bologna-airport.it together with the NDA, duly completed and signed;
  2. Wait for an e-mail with credentials to be entered in the appropriate box of this section in order to access the documentation (Bologna Airport reserves the right to refuse to send these credentials in justified cases: i.e. users not qualified as interested parties);
  3. For any information and/or clarification, send an e-mail to aeroporto.marconi@pec.bologna-airport.it.

By 21 October 2021, each User is required to formulate any written observations regarding the documentation in consultation (pursuant to the provisions of § 5.2.2. Of the Model) and to indicate to AdB the delegate appointed to participate in the Annual Hearing.

In any case, proxies received after 10.30 am on 27 October 2021 will not be accepted.

The Public Hearing is open to Airport Users and related Associations, however the right to vote is reserved for Users only. The vote on the proposed revision of the PRM fee for the year 2022 will be exclusively for those with a written proxy from the Legal Representative of the Airport User, pursuant to and for 6.2.2 of the aforementioned Guidelines. In this regard, for any further purpose, at the opening of the minutes of the meeting, the voting proxies received within this peremptory term will be acknowledged, then proceeding with the work scheduled for the Hearing. Any proxies sent to the Head of the Procedure after 10.30 am on 27 October 2021 will not give the right to vote at the Hearing.

More than one natural person representative will not be admitted to the room - whose maximum capacity is 30 people, due to the safety and distancing measures adopted - and participation in teleconference will be allowed, via the Microsoft Teams system (of a delegated subject previously communicated), according to the procedures that will be communicated by checking the request for participation with the appropriate proxy attached.

Users are informed that the Public Audition will not be subject to audio recording, it will be carried out in Italian, without simultaneous translation and the observations that they ask for verbalization, in addition to the vote expressed, must, if present, be noted, by the their formal delegates in summary form and, therefore, signed with a legible signature on a sheet to be delivered to the recording Secretary, if by teleconference, sent by means of a specific e-mail to the address of the Responsible for the procedure muffato@bologna-airport.it, no later than the deadline for the annual audition (10.30-13 of 27 October 2021). The Secretary taking the minutes will incorporate the observations thus formalized in the summary report of the Hearing.

Users are informed that the minutes of the Public Hearing will be sent at the end of the session to ART and ENAC and to the participants in the Public Hearing, in compliance with their respective functions and responsibilities. AdB will publish the 2022 regulated rates on its website and notify IATA to update the ticketing systems.

In the event of an agreement on the PRM fee for 2022, the related minutes will also be sent for information to the Users Committee and the airline associations and AdB will publish on its website the tariff level of the PRM fee for 2022, while ENAC will provide, with notice of at least 60 days before the entry into force, to the communication to IATA, for updating the ticketing systems of travel agencies.

For further aspects of relevance with respect to the issues in question, please refer to the rules of the Consultation and the Public Hearing to the regulations in force on the subject, first of all to the Model and to the PRM corresponding Guidelines.

(*) Interested User: under the "Model", means any person or entity that is entitled to the carriage of passengers, mail and/or freight to and from the airport in question. In particular, interested users are airlines (scheduled, charter, Private Aviation, cargo, etc.) which represented at Bologna Airport more than 0,01% WLU in the Period Summer season 2020 and Winter season 2020-2021 and confirmed the operations in Summer 2021.

Charges 2021

Taxes collected by the Airport Operator on behalf of Public Authorities

Additional tax on pax boarding fees
Art.2, c. 11, L.350 /03 and following modifications and updates - € 6,50 for departing pax

Emilia-Romagna Region introduced noise charge IRESA (Regional Tax on aircraft noise emissions) effective from 1st January 2020.
This tax is calculated for each landing and take-off movement, on MTOW (maximum take-off weight of the aircraft) and its amount will depend on the noise certification chapter of each aircraft, as well as on a number of other parameters set forth in art. 16 of the Regional Law 21/12/2012 nbr 15 and following modifications and updates.

IRESA tax is due by carriers, based on Bologna Airport invoices and proceeds are periodically remitted by Bologna Airport to Emilia-Romagna Region.

Please see Emilia-Romagna Region web site for all information about IRESA law, rates and penalty.

In order to operate the levy from 1st January 2020, carriers should send the noise certificate of their fleet’s aircrafts through this e-mail address airsideoperation@bologna-airport.it.
operations@tagbologna.com for General Aviation.

In case of non-compliance with the request to transmit noise certificates by the date of the flight operations, Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna is required, as per the Agreement with Emilia-Romagna Region, to apply the rate of € 0.50 per ton or fraction of the maximum take-off weight.

As regards the tax exemptions, Carriers entitled not to be taxed (art. 15 of RL 21/12/2016) are responsible for sending Bologna Airport all the data necessary to apply the exemption by the date of their flight operations (airsideoperation@bologna-airport.it; General Aviation operations@tagbologna.com). In the absence of this information and of the noise certificate, the rate of € 0.50 per ton or fraction of the maximum take-off weight will be applied.

Policy on traffic development

The Traffic Development Policy aims at attracting incremental traffic to our airport.

The incentive system hereafter exposed is conceived to be a guideline for such development, to regulate it according to trasparent and non-discriminatory principles, making the best possible use of the Airport infrastructures, in accordance with the applicable Law and Regulation.

e-mail: aviationbusiness@bologna-airport.it