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Management of emergencies

Safety Board

The Safety Board is composed by the Accountable Manager, the Airfield, Terminal, Maintenance and Design Managers and by the Safety Manager.
The Board has a proactive attitude in handling all safety aspects with the aim of re-examining and improving the system and it represents a support for the Accountable Manager in the performance of safety policies, Safety Objectives and in the analysis of the compliances of the SMS with the set prerequisites.

Safety Committee

The Safety Committee is an advisory board whose members – equipped with autonomous decision-making powers and able to be accountable to external bodies – are to be found within top positions of both private and public organisations present within the airport.
Such committee has the following aims:

  • guaranteeing the participation of all subjects operating within the airport;
  • engaging all airport operators in the achievement of the safety objectives;
  • analysing and suggesting solutions to the reported criticalities;
  • getting all operators involved in the SMS results reached (trend analysis, risk assessment, corrective actions, etc.);
  • jointly analysing the critical issues spotted in the airport operations and the improvements suggested by the various subjects present within the committee.

The active participation to the Safety Committee of all subjects contributes to improving the operating conditions.

Local Runway Safety Team

The Local Runway Safety Team has the specific task to analyse and evaluate the operative safety of the runway and, more generally, of the Manoeuvring Area in order to efficiently contribute to the implementation of adequate corrective/preventive measures aimed at limiting and/or decreasing the number of events connected with runway incursions.

The “Local Runway Safety Team” is composed by representative members of the following:

  • AOC
  • Local Air Traffic Control
  • local CAA
  • Anacna (Italian association of flight controllers)
  • Italian association of pilots
  • Management’s Movement Area
  • Management’s Planning Area
  • Ground equipments drivers' representative

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