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P1-2 Parking

  • P1 60% covered, P2 covered
  • Reserved - Show more
  • In front of the terminal
  • 1 min.
From Fridays to Sundays, Weekend rate €19

Departing on Friday or Saturday? Park at the airport.

For vehicles up to 1,85 metres high
Length of stay Standard fare
1st day
  • € 0,00 0-10 minutes free up to three times a day.
    4th transit € 14,00.
  • € 3,70 up to 1 hour
  • € 7,40 up to 2 hours
  • € 11,10 up to 3 hours
  • € 14,00 up to 24 hours
From 2nd day on
  • € 14,00 a day
For vehicles exceeding 1,85 metres of height
Length of stay Standard fare
1st day
  • € 10,00 / per hour and any fraction thereof
From 2nd day on
  • € 14,00 a day


  • Up to 4 hours - For those driving you in or picking you up
  • Up to 4 days - For your work trip, and your week-end
  • 5 days or more - For your holiday

Maximum height limit allowed

Maximum height limit allowed: 2,00 meters

Rates for motorbikes

€ 5 per day/fraction thereof for motorbikes parked in reserved places. As to how to access, please refer to our staff.


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Parking Map

Parking Map
PDF, 800 Kb


Terms and conditions
PDF, 7,5 Mb


PDF, 161 Kb

Park at the Airport and save with our Weekend rate!

Valid throughout the year, in parkings P1, P2, P3 of Bologna G. Marconi Airport, except for August, for parkings starting on the Friday and ending not later than 24.00 on the Sunday. In case of longer parkings, for every additional day the standard fare will apply.

For parking including two or more consecutive weekends, the Weekend rate will only apply to the first weekend. The offer cannot be combined with other agreements/promotions.

Please remember that, in order to take advantage of the ‘Weekend Rate’, in case of access through QR Code, you need to place your QR code under the column reader at the time of the entry into the booked car park. If during your booking you have opted for the entry with a Telepass device (inserting the number of your device into the booking form), the entry into the parking must follow this procedure: slow down until you stop completely for your booking to be recognised and for the bar to lift up.

Where to find the parking P1-2

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