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Agreements with Airport G. Marconi Bologna BLQ

Travel agencies

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Tour Operator and company

Find out whether your tour operator or your company have a special deal with the airport


Holders of the ACI card - Show Your Card, are entitled to the following benefits:

For stays up to 6 days

20% off the ordinary rates to the public for all the airport carparks area (including the Car Valet service).

For stays in excess of 6 days

Lenght of stay P1 covered P2 covered P3 50% covered
1 week (7 days)
  • € 95,20
  • € 89,60
  • € 62,40
2 weeks (14 days)
  • € 190,40
  • € 179,20
  • € 112,00
Extra days
  • € 13,60
  • € 12,80
  • € 6,40

Car Valet Services

25% off the Fast delivery service: delivery of the vehicle to the Car Valet operator directly at the departure area, with deposit in the Car Valet area.

20% off the ordinary rates to the public for all the airport carparks

P Express

10% off the ordinary rates to the public for P Express and P Express Premium.


10% off the Airport car park, (except P4 Long Stay), fares for short and long stays by showing your Socio Coop membership card at the Parking Control Office (sited at the P2 ground floor before paying.

The agreement is reserved to Coop members of all participating Cooperatives (from Coop Alleanza 3.0 to Unicoop Firenze, from Famiglia Cooperativa Trentino to A.S.C.C. Sicilia).

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1. To take advantage of the discounted rate, make sure to select your tour operator's special offer. The rate will be validated at the Parking Control Office when you return from your trip, upon presentation of your travel or stay documents. You can pay by Satispay, credit card, debit card or cash.Per avvalersi della tariffa scontata assicurati di selezionare correttamente la convenzione del tuo tour operator.

2) Failing to hand in the voucher, or doing so later than due, or the late viewing of the membership card, i.e. after having paid at tha automatic cashpoints or at the exit columns, will result in the impossibility to get the discounted fare, and the application of the standard fare without any right to claim refunds.

1. To make the most of the special offer reserved exclusively for the Alpitour group, make sure to insert the “practice number” (PNR) correctly, which will allow you to pay online at a discounted rate. For any assistance in the car park, contact the Parking Control Office.

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