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Bologna Amsterdam flights

Bologna Airport offers direct flights from/to Amsterdam. On this page you will find all the information needed.


Canals, unique museum routes coffee shops and the Red Light District are the four elements that made the capital of the Netherlands one of the favourite destinations for travellers of all ages.
The canals system, dating back to the XII century and sorrounding the old Harbour and the city centre, were inscribed, in 2010, in the Unesco World Heritage list.
Between one canal and another, buildings dating back between the XVI and XVII centuries offer the chance to visit one of the main European Renaissance centres.

Among the museums, the Rijksmuseum (state museum), the Van Gogh museum, the Cocertgebouw, the Rembrandt House Museum and Anne Frank House need mention.
Amsterdam is also well-known for its Red Light District, De Wallen.

A paradise for cyclers, the city offers over 250 miles bicycle lanes.
There are also plenty of ways for getting around: from the underground to the trams, to the ferry and steamboats.

Thanks to its canals, Amsterdam is also called “the Venice of the North”.

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