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Automobili Lamborghini renews and develops partnership with Bologna’s Marconi Airport. A new Lamborghini Urus VIP service, airport boutique and follow-me car


Automobili Lamborghini’s partnership with Bologna’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport has been renewed and strengthened: Lamborghini’s exhibition space inside the passenger terminal now becomes a full-scale boutique, with merchandise sales accompanying the vehicles on display. A new follow-me car, which accompanies the ‘planes on take-off and landing, sports a fresh, updated livery and, most notably, a unique Urus VIP shuttle service has been introduced, dedicated to customers of YouFirst, Bologna Airport’s VIP service.

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini remarked: “This special collaboration continues between our company and Bologna Airport. The presence of Lamborghini in this hub has a two-fold value: it endorses our relationship with the region that is home to us and with which we have strong bonds, but it is also an important ‘business card’ for both Bolognese and international passengers who have the chance to appreciate our brand up close. This is a local link but with a global vision, therefore right in step with Lamborghini philosophy.”

Nazareno Ventola, CEO and General Manager of Bologna Airport, commented: “We are very pleased to strengthen our partnership with Lamborghini, one of the excellences in this area that best represents what our region offers in terms of innovation, style and competitiveness. This renewal has also led to the implementation of a new personalized service for our most demanding customers, which will allow them to enjoy the Lamborghini experience as soon as they step off the ‘plane: something unique that can only be found at Marconi.”

The relationship that began in 2013 between Lamborghini and Marconi Airport has been extended until 2025. The first development of the renewed partnership is the complete restyling of Lamborghini’s exhibition space located in the main entrance of the terminal’s ground floor. Passengers from all over the world can experience and enjoy Lamborghini, with a car permanently on display alongside fashion accessories for sale, as well as having the opportunity to book factory and museum tours.

The Lamborghini follow-me car, in service since 2013, continues to delight passengers spotting the Huracán EVO as it accompanies ‘planes on the runway. A new livery in yellow and black is an evolution of previous colorways, with a heightened emphasis on the yellow super sports car’s dynamism: a black arrow starts from the front fender and opens completely at the back, where it is accentuated by the Italian tricolore that splits in two following the lines of the rear fender. The yellow and black, which echo the Lamborghini logo, are also highly visible in all weather conditions.

The most exclusive development is the new Lamborghini Urus VIP Shuttle. The one-of-a-kind personalized service is available by pre-booking the airport’s VIP program YouFirst. Passengers are met by a Lamborghini Urus and dedicated airport VIP staff, both on arrival right as they step off the ‘plane and vice versa on departure, with the Urus transporting them to and from the terminal in utmost luxury.

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