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PEC mail, Italian acronym for Certified Electronic Mail, is a system that allows to send legally valid e-mail messages comparable to any registered mail with return receipt, with a proof of the exact time of posting, pursuant to the current legislation (see n° 68 DPR - Decree of the Italian President of the Republic - 11 Feb 2005).

Bologna Airport PEC address is aeroporto.marconi@pec.bologna-airport.it, and it is available to all who need to write with reference to issues with legal requirements.

For all requests concerning remarks and complaints, please use the according dedicated form.

Cargo Handling agents

Airport Agencies

  • Airport First Aid (24h): 118
  • Border Police: +39 051 6421911
  • Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC): +39 051 6479690
  • Customs: +39 051 6479348
  • Fire Brigade: +39 051 6479642
  • Guardia di Finanza: +39 051 6479334
  • Health Authority: +39 051 385995
  • Italian Air Traffic Control Agency (ENAV): +39 051 4139128
  • Municipal Police: +39 051 6479371
  • Veterinary Service: +39 06 59944711 / +39 06 59944710