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Following Italian Prime Minister's Decree of 9 March 2020, Bologna Airport, as well as the whole national territory, is included in the "enhanced containment" areas.

Bologna Airport is open and some flight is active, but we invite you NOT TO REACH THE AIRPORT if your trip is not motivated by the reasons authorized by the decree, namely:

- proven working needs,

- situations of necessity,

- undeferrable health reasons,

- return to your domicile or residence.

Scheduled holidays, vacations, tourism trips, etc. are NOT INCLUDED in permitted cases.

We inform you that all arriving and departing passengers must fill in and sign a self-declaration explaining the reason for the trip, which will be verified by the Police Authorities, with possible consequences, including penal ones.

For information on the status of flights, refunds, reprotections we kindly invite you to contact your airline and NOT TO COME TO THE AIRPORT to ask for information.

We thank you for your cooperation.