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19/05/2020 The Covid-19 pandemic currently underway made it necessary to carefully reconsider the methods of carrying out a series of airside works already planned from 16th to 21st September 2020.

In particular, Bologna Airport reconsidered the feasibility and the timing of these works due to the changed needs, which intervened in the meantime, in terms of safety on construction sites, distancing of the staff who work there and compliance with the new regulations relating to Covid-19.

In order to be able to carry out the work in compliance with the new regulations, but with the aim of reducing the inconvenience to passengers as much as possible when it is assumed that the air traffic will be operated again regularly, the company, as already communicated to the Airport Users’ Committee, decided that the start of these works will be anticipated to 11th September (at 06.00 local time) with a deadline set for 21st September (at 02.00 local time).

This extension in September 2020 will allow works to merge into them the already planned activities that would have required again the runway closure in 2022, a closure that consequently will no longer be carried out.

No landing or take-off will be allowed during this period and Airlines, already informed, will choose whether cancelling their operations or moving them to alternate airports.
We apologize for this disruption which is however necessary to constantly improve the airport infrastructure. For details on specific flights, refund or rerouting claims, passengers can refer directly to their Airlines.

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