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Retail, advertising and events

Bologna Airport offers its commercial partners a unique potential, both on a human and on an infrastructural level.

Among its potential commercial clients, the proximity to the city centre makes it possible to top up normal passengers with an additional 60% of customers, the “meeters and greeters”, escorting travellers on arrival and departure.

It is furthermore very important to consider several thousands of people belonging to the airport community revolving around it on a daily basis.

Within our airport you can find commercial areas which are strategically set with respect to the passengers’ flows, both before and after the security checks. The direct marketing of such areas and of the advertising lots allows us and our partners to find tailor-made solutions which guarantee the brand visibility and the enhancement of the company’s turnover and profitability.

Starting from 2012, following the renovation of the structure, passengers flows have been furthermore optimised. This in turn has allowed our current partners to maximize the opportunities given by our passengers’ inclination to buying. A total of about 2000 square metres of commercial areas have been made available to new potential partners interested in making themselves visible to our passengers, escorts and the ever growing airport community.

The new modern bright layouts allow Bologna Airport to keep offering its partners enhanced opportunities.

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