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Authorized Handling Agent

Facilities made available

  • Build up and break down of pallets.
  • Handling and storage of unit load devices (PLTS / ULDs).
  • 3 holes with electronic balance for the build up and break down of pallets.
  • 2 automatic platforms (for 10 and 20 feet) with electronic balance for the handling, unloading, loading of trucks loading units.
  • 1 spotlight with 4 berths for loading and unloading of cargo trucks.

In addition to this there are machines for the x-ray check, safes for housing values, cold storage, cell for live animals, and premises for the storage of human remains.

Useful areas

  • Export Warehouse: mq 1800
  • Import warehouse: about 1000 sqm
  • Changing rooms to 500 square meters
  • Surfaces with canopies: 500 sqm
  • Surface with no canopies: 2000 sqm

Services available

To support cargo activities following services are available:

  • Plant health service
  • veterinary department
  • customs offices


Currently available to authorized Courier structures such as:

  • warehouses: 4306 sqm
  • Surfaces with canopies: 456 sqm
  • Offices and Services: 822 sqm
  • ramp vehicle area: mq 2961

Broker (GSA, Forwarders, Custom Brokers)

Areas occupied for office use amount to approximately 300 sqm.

Always bring BLQ with you