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Corporate Ethics is one of the main pillars of AdB s.p.a. Governance, and it represents a crucial element of the internal control and risk management system which could jeopardise a responsible business performance. Accordingly, AdB has long adopted an organisational and management Model aimed at linking principles and rules contained in the Code of Ethics, in the 231 Organisation Model and in the Anticorruption Policy, promoting a tight cooperation among the people in the company, the 231 Surveillance Body and the Ethical Anticorruption Committee.

By resolution of 22 December 2015, AdB BoD appointed a 231 Surveillance Body with a three-year 2016-2018 mandate as an institution availing of autonomous intervention and control powers, with the duty of supervising the operations and compliance to the Model, including the Code of Ethics, and updating it.

Hence, in order for the corporate activities to be thoroughly permeated with the ethical principles, by resolution of 21 December 2017, AdB BoD have moreover approved a revised Anticorruption Policy and have appointed, for the three-year period 2018-2020, an Ethical and Anticorruption Committee.


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