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All destinations
  • Departing from Bologna
  • Arriving at Bologna
Airline To Flight Sched Expected
Neos Neos FUERTEVENTURA/TENERIFE NO1418 13:05 Boarding
Tunisair Tunisair TUNIS TU363 12:50 Boarding
Wizz Air Wizz Air CRAIOVA W63762 13:10 Boarding
Klm Klm AMSTERDAM KL1584 13:15 Boarding
Ryanair Ryanair MALAGA FR4601 13:15 Boarding
Airline From Flight Sched Expected
Wizz Air Wizz Air BUCHAREST OTP W63163 13:10 13:10
Wizz Air Wizz Air CLUJ NAPOCA W63393 13:15 13:10
TAP Portugal TAP Portugal LISBON TP872 12:45 13:11
Ryanair Ryanair BARI FR4326 13:25 13:12
Vueling Vueling BARCELONA VY6522 12:00 13:31

Car parks

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At Guglielmo Marconi Airport there is a parking lot for all needs.
How long are you staying for? We will tell you the most convenient parking solution for your needs!


Up to 4 hours

For those who are driving you here or picking you up


Up to 3 days

For your business travel, your weekend


Up to 5 days

For your your travel or short holiday


From 6 days

For your travel or long holiday

Services & Shopping at the airport

Bologna Airport awaits you to share a unique and unforgettable experience: you’ll be able to immerse into a pampering atmosphere that will turn your waiting time into a relaxation moment dedicated to you.

Shopping area

The brand new Airport stores are waiting for you to satisfy each and every desire.

Choose your favourite category and find out about the many interesting offers!

Fashion & Style

Food & Beverage

General stores



Marconi Business Lounge

Marconi Business Lounge - Logo

An exclusive area dedicated to Passengers and Companies, the best place to wait for your flight combining business and relaxation.

MBL Lounge

Meeting area


You first - Logo

YouFirst is a new Bologna Airport’s Premium service offering passengers reserved lanes, simplifying boarding procedures, and an exclusive care.

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