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Security checks at Check-in

The following are checked during check-in:

  • passenger ID;
  • hold baggage: check on weight, labelling, x-ray (in the baggage handling area).

Certain dangerous items cannot be carried in hold baggage. It is important that you make sure that you are carrying none of these to avoid boarding delays.

Checks upon entering the boarding area

To simplify and speed up these checks, passengers must have their boarding pass ready.

At the security checks, the following items are x-rayed:

  • The passenger itself, using metal detectors: if needed, also the shoes are checked;
  • The hand baggage: if needed, a hand search is performed;
  • All the other items carried by passengers:
    • cigarette lighters
    • rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings
    • calculators
    • credit cards
    • mobile phones
    • keys
    • belts
    • watches
    • coin purses, wallets, business card holders
    • coats and jackets.

For security reasons, it is not permitted to carry in your hand luggage any item that can act as weapon: knives, scissors, nail files.

Simple rules for faster security controls

  1. Show boarding card before entering the area.
  2. Place your coat, jacket and overcoat in the tray separately from your other possessions.
  3. All objects in your pockets must be placed in the tray for x-ray check.
  4. Please place all liquids in a resealable transparent plastic bag before the security check.
  5. The resealable bag (cm 20x18) of liquids (max 100ml each item) must be checked separately from your hand luggage.
  6. Laptops and other electronic items must be removed from your hand luggage and checked separately.
  7. Pass your hand luggage through x-ray check without putting it in the tray.
  8. Pass through the metal detector.
  9. Collect all your personal belongings.


All passengers arriving from countries outside the European Union, or from E.U. countries which do not apply the regulations envisaged by the Schengen Treaty will have their passport checked.


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