Marconi Airport is Bologna
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Cologne / Bonn, Germany

Bologna Cologne flights

Bologna Airport offers direct flights from/to Cologne. On this page you will find all the information needed.


An important German economical focus, the city rises on the banks of the river Rhine.
Its Cathedral, Unesco patrimony, is one of the best-known symbols of Germany.
Cologne is also famous for its old Carnival.
Even if the city centre was nearly completely destroyed during World War II, the reconstruction has made it possible to preserve Cologne’s charm, with its tall houses with pitched roofs and colourful facades.

The Cathedral boasts an incomparabile beauty, and is the biggest Gothic church in all Europe. Dedicated to the saints Peter and Mary, it has 515-foot tall spires, and it accounts for the third tallest church in the world. The construction started in 1248 under the project of the architect Mastro Gerardus, and was finished in 1880.

Another must is the Carnival, with its most ancient origins. It has been celebrated from time immemorial, and it is called the “fifth season”. In 1823 the ‘Festordnendes Komitee’ was founded, i.e. the first committee in charge of the carnival’s organization.

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