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Parking payment with Telepass: today you can!

In car parks P1-2, P3 and P Express is now possible:

  • To enter and exit the car park with your Telepass appliance
  • To pay the park rate, without additional costs, directly on your Telepass account
  • To pick up your car without going to the automated payment machines
  • To save time thanks to reserved lanes

Do you have a Telepass contract and hold a Telepass appliance in your car?

For you, parking in our car parks becomes even easier and faster.
You can use the reserved lane without taking any ticket and without any additional cost.
The parking rate will be directly charged on your Telepass account.

By visiting the member area of the website, you can create your expense account, find your parking list or check your invoices.

With Telepass, booking on-line your parking space is always possible.


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