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Bologna Airport publishes an annual Services Charter, which documents the management company’s commitment to passengers and suppliers with regard to a series of quality standards (including safety, regularity of services, cleanliness, comfort, information, etc.). The aim is to achieve and maintain the highest levels of airport quality and efficiency.

Performance indicators are both quantitative (waiting times, baggage reclaim, etc.) and qualitative (customer satisfaction, passenger perception, etc.). These are monitored through 12 monthly sessions of one week per month and four annual focus groups on customer satisfaction (with a representative sample of both business and leisure passengers).
Quantitative results are gained using field measurements to evaluate the services provided by the operators.
Qualitative results are obtained from interviews with passengers to get feedback on their perception of the quality of airport services provided by the management company or by other companies operating at the airport.
Both types of performance indicators are monitored by external auditors from a qualified national Research Institute.

The standards of service that passengers can expect at the airport are laid out in the “Quality Indicators” section of the Services Charter and are scanned using around fifty performance indicators grouped into 9 Quality macro-categories.

The Services Guide contains all the information passengers need to find their way around the airport premises (maps, contact details, services, etc.).


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