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Assistance at the airport

Please arrive at the airport within the time limit suggested by the Airline for departure and check in and notify your arrival at one of the help points (also in the case of web check-in).

Here the person responsible will come to assist you. If you wish, this person will help you with the check-in formalities.

If need be, the same person will accompany you to the boarding gate to assist you with the control procedures.

Just like any other passenger you may use the facilities available in the airport. Assistance will always be adapted to your degree of mobility.

Boarding and flight

At boarding time, you will embark before the other passengers with the appropriate assistance for your needs. Your mobility equipment will be placed in the baggage hold. To receive assistance when boarding, you must request this when placing your booking and/or at check-in.

During the flight, it is the crew’s responsibility to assist you. If required by your disability and notified in advance, your recognised assistance dog may accompany you in the cabin. Safety instructions will be communicated to you appropriately.

Finally, whether you’re arriving or transiting, another person will meet you when your flight lands to guide you to the passengers’exit.

The following services are available at the airport:

  • Reserved parking spaces: available near the airport terminal main entrances on the ground floor and on the first floor, and at the P2 Multi-floor parking.
  • Disabled Lounge:
    • Two are located on the first floor, the first one before the security checkpoints, the second one inside the Schengen boarding area;
    • one is located on the ground floor, airside, after the boarding gate.
  • Wheelchairs: are available for both arriving and departing passengers and can be easily found in various areas throughout the terminal building.
  • Lifts: all lifts have wheelchair access and are fitted with Braille button and audio floor announcements.
  • Loges Route: available from the terminal main entrance on the first floor to the Information Desk.
  • Hearing aid amplification: booths fitted with a magnetic induction hearing aid loop amplifier, located at the Information Desk on the ground floor.
  • Arriving passengers:can be accompanied to the taxi rank, city or tour bus stops and the P2 Multi-floor parking.
  • Lifting equipment: available for passenger embarkation and disembarkation.

Help points

Help points are dedicated areas where passengers with reduced mobility can request assistance. Here are the help points at Bologna Airport:

  • Help Phone: dedicated telephones, located near the entrances to the terminal (one on the first floor and two on the ground floor) and the car parks for passengers with reduced mobility (three in P2 multi-storey car park);
  • Information Desk (ground floor);
  • Check-in desks (groud floor);
  • Parking Control Office (Multilevel Parking P2).

For further information please call +39 051-6479615.


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