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Get real-time info on your flight!

A service which brings you real-time flight information by SMS on departures and arrivals over the next 18 hours.

How does it work?

  • To sign up, send a text message to +39 348 904 8000 with your flight number (eg. XY1234) prefixed by the double hash sign (##).
  • Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation SMS with information on check-in, flight time and departure gate (for departing flights) or estimated arrival time (for arriving flights).
  • The service also sends notification of any changes to flight status.
  • The service ends with notification of the start of the boarding procedure (for departing flights) and with notification of landing (for arriving flights).


The service is free. The only cost (depending on your mobile phone provider) is for sending the sms to sign up for the service.


  • Bologna Airport does not accept responsibility for any message delays or any SMS not received for reasons beyond its control such as, for example but by no means limited to: problems related to the customer’s mobile phone provider, problems or malfunctioning in receiving messages caused by the network, any other technical or system problems, etc.
  • The user's mobile phone number will only be used for providing the flight information requested and will be stored only for the time required to manage/provide the service. The personal data spontaneously provided by customers will be processed, in accordance and within the limits of the current privacy laws, exclusively for the afore-mentioned purpose. When customers send an SMS to sign up for the service, they unconditionally agree to their personal data being processed. It should be noted, however, that due to the way the current system is set up, users do not provide any information, apart from their phone number, which could result in their identification.


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