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Samara, Russia


Direct flights.

Once a week.

Bologna Samara flights

Bologna Airport offers direct flights from/to Samara. On this page you will find all the information needed.


A city of the Russian Federation situated in the central-eastern part of the European Russia, known as the Volga's Federal District, where the river Volga and the river Samara converge, Samara is a socially, politically, economically, industrially and culturally relevant city.

It is located on the left bank of the Volga river, which stands as its westerner border. But it is the river Samara which is the real attraction of the city, favourite destination for both natives and tourists. Long beaches, clean water and a lot of green turn Samara into a most popular destination especially during the summer, when the temperatures reach 21°.

Right in the summer the 6 Fifa World Cup matches will be hosted here.

Many are the interesting sites in the city.
The city centre offers a view of XIX and XX century buildings boasting the charm of the old Russian trading cities. Other popular elements are the architectural complexes stretching out along Kuibyshev and Leningrad streets, as well as the Monument to the Glory and many more. Numerous are also the sacred buildings belonging to various religious creeds, Samara being a multicultural city.

Samara is also a transportation and industrial hub of the country, known for the production of spacecrafts, satellites and equipments of highly advanced engineering, useful for the extraction and processing of oil and gas.
The food industry is also known for the production of chocolate, vodka and beer.

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