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To enter the terminal, you must properly wear a surgical mask or superior. On board it is mandatory to wear a FFP2 mask or higher.

From the 9th of August the entrance door "Main Entrance" (on the ground floor) is open 24/7, while the door "Ferrari" (1st floor) remains open from 3.30 to the departure of the last flight of the evening, with night closure. The entrance doors of the check-in area are open from 4.00 am to 5.00 pm.

The entrance in the passenger terminal is also allowed for meeters and greeters of departing passengers, but the access will be suspended in case of overcrowding inside the terminal. 
Meeters and greeters of arriving passengers, on the contrary, must remain outside the terminal where special waiting areas have been set up. 
There are exceptions for those accompanying certain specific categories such as passengers with reduced mobility or minors traveling alone. They can in any case access to the terminal.

To avoid gatherings inside the boarding hall, access to the hall is allowed only to passengers whose flight is departing within the following 150 minutes for Schengen destinations and within the following 180 minutes for extra-Schengen destinations.