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Following the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 28 April and subsequent USMAF clarification of 30 April 2022, from 1st May 2022 the Greenpass is no longer required to access the boarding area.

But pay attention to the rules of the country of destination, which can still ask for the Greenpass for entry.

Furthermore, from 1 May 2022, the PLF - Passenger Locator Form is no longer required for returning to Italy. On the other hand, the obligation of the Greenpass "Base" for entry / return to Italy remains.



The general Italian laws for travel to/from abroad are contained in the Ordinance of 22 February 2022.
This Ordinance clearly simplifies the previous legislation and:
- delete the lists of Countries A, B, C, D and E;
- eliminates the limitations on travel from Italy to the countries of the former list E;
- repeals the Ordinances relating to Covid-tested flights and Covid-free Tourist Corridors, as they are outdated.


Furthermore, passengers entering Italy have to show to the CARRIER at the time of BOARDING and to anyone appointed to do controls the EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE / GREENPASS , which alternatively shows:

    • anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination occurred, at the end of the primary vaccination course or after the booster dose;
    • healing from COVID-19, with simultaneous cessation of the prescribed isolation following infection with SARS-CoV-2;
    • negative result of molecular swab carried out within 72 hours prior to enter Italy or
    • negative result of antigenic rapid swab carried out in the 48 hours prior to enter Italy.

In the event that the passenger does not show the EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE / GREENPASS , the fiduciary isolation measure is applied for 5 days, with the obligation of a molecular or antigenic swab at the end of the isolation.

Children under the age of 6 can enter Italy without further formalities and are always exempt from the obligation of molecular or antigen tests.

With reference to travel to and from abroad, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepared a FORM ONLINE to answer all passengers' doubts, we advise you to fill it in for an official answer on each situation and Country.

For all the details and clarifications, we advise you to consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.