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"Covid Free" Tourist corridor: Egypt


With the Ordinance of 28 September 2021, the Minister of Health authorized, on an experimental basis, the "Covid-free tourist corridors". The Ordinance is in force until January 31, 2022, except for further extensions.

"Covid-free tourist corridors" are considered all the itineraries departing and arriving on the national territory, aimed at allowing the realization of controlled tourist trips, including the stay at selected accommodation facilities, according to specific health safety measures suitable to guarantee compliance of the protocols contained in the document "Indications aimed at preventing and protecting against the risk of contagion from COVID-19 in Covid-free tourist corridors", attached to the Ordinance.

These are TRAVELS ORGANIZED AND MANAGED BY TOURIST OPERATORS, who are also called upon to ensure compliance with safety measures. If the trip you intend to make does not fall within the type of "Covid-free tourist corridor", the rules provided for the countries of List E continue to apply (prohibition of travel for tourist reasons, obligation of health surveillance and isolation on return to Italy).

Neos flights to Egypt are currently active at Bologna Airport, as part of the “Covid-free tourist corridors”. On departure, passengers on such flights that fall within the type described by the ordinance are exempted from presenting the "self-certification for travel". The check of the Greenpass on departure and of the buffer is done at the check-in desks.

For all the details of the procedure to be followed and the required documents, please consult the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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