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Aeronautica Militare at the airport

First floor - After the security checkpoints

Aeronautica Militare

The new Aeronautica Militare store will welcome you, with a modern, cutting-edge and absolutely unique layout, in the boarding area, straight after the brand-new walk-through shopping zone, in the Schengen area.

With the emblems and logos of the Military Navy and the Frecce Tricolori (aerobatic team of the Italian aeronautical army), the Cristiano di Thiene has endorsed the unique style identifiying the company, a past linked with handicraft leather processing and a present intertwined with the Italian Aeronautical Army, utilizing its decorations, emblems and banners to realize an authentic and original clothing and accessories collection for men, women and children.

A young fashion brand, able to best reinterpret the concept of nation and of its values.
The creative staff have merit for being able to seasonally reinvent the contemporary man’s style, looking for distinctive products for an informal but strongly personalised total look.

Aeronautica Militare staff Simone, Fabio, Claudia and Cristian are all waiting for you!!!


Every day, from 5 a.m. until 8.45 p.m.

Phone +39 051 6472080

Aeronautica Militare

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