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Carbon footprint offsetting

As Bologna Airport, we believe it is important to work together to protect the environment when we fly. Commercial aviation contributes about 2% to global carbon emissions and therefore it is important to do our utmost to create a future in which emissions will be reduced. We can travel more consciously and offset the emissions of the trips we take.

Bologna Airport cooperates with CHOOOSE to increase awareness on the issue of climate change and to intervene with concrete actions. CHOOOSE is a Norwegian climate-tech company building digital tools that connect people and companies with impactful climate action.

By offsetting your travel footprint, you will support CO2-reducing climate projects in an amount equivalent to your calculated carbon footprint. The projects you support are carefully selected by carbon professionals and certified by the most rigorous international standards. All carbon offset contributions performed through Bologna Airport are charged directly by CHOOOSE. For each compensation made, CHOOOSE retains just € 0.7 to cover their running costs.

Offset your travel