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Bologna Tirana flights

Bologna Airport offers direct flights from/to Tirana. On this page you will find all the information needed.


Albania’s capital, this city offers interesting museum routes and remarkable sites like the George Castriota Skanderbeg square, the clock tower and the Et’hem Bey mosque.
Skanderbeg square, covering as much as 5 hectares, ideally represents the geographical and political centre of Albania. Set in the core of Tirana, it recalls the Communist era, when a huge square served, as well as stage for the army’s parades, as a showcase of a regime’s strength.

Yet, the real symbol of the city is the clock tower, known as Kulla and Sahatit, whose construction started in 1821.

Another interesting visit is to the Et’hem Bey mosque, the most beautiful one in all Albania and one of the oldest buildings in town. Built in 1789, it is situated in the main city square.

A tour in the museums includes the National Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery, the National History Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences; The Office, a city contemporary art space, offering events and conferences.

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