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Airports served from Bologna

Crotone CRV

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Bologna Crotone flights

Bologna Airport offers direct flights from/to Crotone. On this page you will find all the information needed.


Crotone is an ancient port city. Founded in the second half of the VIII century b.C. by Greek colonists coming from the Achaia region, it was the main centre of the Magna Graecia where the science, mathematics and music school of Pythagoras' was established.
Today, it stands as an important starting point to visit the historical heritage of the surrounding territory from the Magna Graecia up to our modern times. You may start from the city: here, the Castle is definitely worth a visit, built on the Greek acropolis in 840 and renovated by Carlo V in 1541. The fortress rises solemnly in the historical city centre and belongs to the fortifications the king ordered to safeguard the Kingdom of Naples from the invadors coming from the sea.

Leaving the inhabited centre you may head to the promontory surrounding the archeological area of Cape Colonna. This area hosts open-air remains, in particular some remains of a temple dedicated to the Goddess Hera Lacinia and a recently built museum showing the local findings.

Crotone doesn't merely offer archeology, but also nature and sea. The Crotone area is also home to the marine reservoir of the Island of Cape Rizzuto. A unique marine animal and plant life treasure as well as shiny white sands bathing in crystal waters make this southern Italian corner a pride for the Calabria region. Make sure you won't miss the imposing Aragonese castle 'Le Castella' built on the coastline.

In the Crotone area you will also find part of the outstanding Sila National Park.

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