Marconi Airport is Bologna
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Personal data and any sensitive data (for example information on physical disabilities necessary for the reservation of particular services) supplied by the customer are collected and processed solely for the activities connected with the fulfilment of contractual duties regarding the requested Service and the legal obligations therewith implied.

The supply of such data is non-obligatory, nevertheless the refusal to supply them will impede the availability and delivery of the requested Service.

The sending of airport communications and information is, instead, subject to an autonomous, non-obligatory and constantly revocable consent.

The collected data will not be disseminated, but may be forwarded to third parties in case that is required for the delivery of the mentioned service, and solely for that purpose.

The processing of the data will be performed by electronic and computerised means and on hard-copy in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/03.

Only in the event of payment with credit cards is information collected (for example, the credit/debit card’s number or its expiry date) which is forwarded, through cryptographic protocols, to the bank system appointed for the provision of the remote electronic payment services, making sure that no third parties can, in any way, access it. Such information is not processed by BLQ but by the appointed bank system, which is also the Holder and responsible body for the data processing, and to whom the Customer is directed as for the relative privacy notice.

Art.7 of the Leg. D. 196/03 acknowledges the Customer various rights to be carefully considered.

Responsible for the data processing, except for the data concerning the credit/debit card, is Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna S.p.A., based in Bologna – Italy – on Via Triumvirato 84. The person responsible for the data processing with regard to the exercise of rights as per art.7 is the CEO of Aeroporto G. Marconi di Bologna S.p.A.

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