Found Object and Left Luggage Office

Found Object Office

If you have lost an object - included luggage without any airline tag (but excluding all other luggage) – please contact the security staff ( tel. 0039-051-6479664), located at the first floor of the main terminal.

In order to keep trace of your request, we recommend using the e-mail contact. It is necessary to describe the lost item very accurately: brand, colour, condition, material, value.

All items found in the Airport Area, which includes the parking spaces, are stored in the Found Object Office for 2 months by the time it was found. After this period, all items will be given to the Municipality of Bologna.

For the found object service, you will be charged 5 Euros, regardless of the object or the store period. The item can be recollected by a third person, by showing a valid ID document and an authorization signed by the item owner.

Left Luggage service

Located at the first floor of the main terminal, close to Security Staff a Left Luggage service is also available 24/7. Passengers can store their luggage or other items by paying a fee of 6 Euros per item per day.

For further information

Tel. 0039-051-6479664