Special baggage

Oversized and Heavy Baggage

Oversized and Heavy Baggage may be transported in the seat next to the one in which you are travelling, which must be booked and paid for. The maximum weight is 75kg.

Weapons and munitions

We advise you to check the restrictions applied by the airline in advance. Passengers must present the necessary documents for their weapons at the airport check-in, where they will be asked to fill in a form and take it to the Police Station (1st floor, next to the security check area) to request permission to carry them.
Depending on the airline, there may be a charge for the weapons carriage and custody service.

Sports Equipment

The following items are considered sports equipment:

  • Bicycles (packed in a box and with handlebars and pedals folded)
  • Surfboards and windsurf boards provided they are packed in a box, ski, snowboards and golf equipment
  • Hunting rifles and ammunition (cartridges must be kept in their box and must not exceed 5kg)
  • Diving equipment (oxygen tanks must be empty and torches free of batteries)
  • Fishing equipment

Musical instruments

Instruments under 1 metre long may be carried on board as hand baggage. If the instrument is over 1 metre long it must be checked in and, for its own protection, be stored in a hard case.

Motorbikes and motor vehicles

Please contact specialised forwarding agents who have been certified by the IATA.