The communication campaign

Do you know what it is?

To inform our passengers and the local areas about the Terminal restyling and to give a perspective about the terminal future transformations, we realized a new communication campaign. This is a second step compared to the first campaign, exclusively informative, which describes works in progress. The new communication campaign has been built around three topics: Finger, Full Auto Check-in and Walk Through. Three difficult names representing three important Airport transformations to become friendly with. p>

Do you know what is a Full Auto Check-in?

The Full Auto Check-in is the new Bologna Airport check-in system. Passengers can do it alone.

Do you know what is a Walk Through Shopping?

The Walk Through Shopping is a new way to go shopping inside the Terminal.

Do you know what are the Fingers?

The Fingers are the new Bologna Airport Loading Bridges.

The symbol of our new direction

Follow us in this important change. To guide and direct you in the spaces that we are expanding and improving you will find the "Follow Me" traffic sings inside and outside the airport for the entire duration of the works: it will be for you a constant point of reference, as well as the sign of the new quality welcoming that is taking shape.