Strategies and Targets

Industrial plan 2008-2012

At the beginning of 2008, Bologna Airport presented its Industrial Plan for 2008-2012.

These are the main aims:

  • development of traffic with respect for environmental sustainability and paying attention to the quality of service
  • production of wealth for the territory and enterprise system
  • creation of value for shareholders

The airport’s growth will progress through the expansion and renovation of the infrastructures, the consolidation of business traffic accompanied by the development of low-cost traffic, the increase in non-aviation business, and improvement of the quality of service, efficiency and productivity.

Territorial Agreement

In July 2008, the Territorial Agreement for the airport’s functional pole was signed. This agreement established urban and territorial policies to allow expansion of the airport in infrastructural terms and the development of functions that are complementary to the aviation business.

The agreement, which considers the restrictions imposed by the institutions and the forty-year concession granted to Sab by the Enac (Ente Nazionale Aviazione Civile) and is closely connected to the key-points of the Industrial Plan, defines two macro-aims:

  • qualification of the airport as a “strategic international gateway to the accessibility of the economic system of Bologna and Emilia-Romagna”
  • guaranteeing "the sustainability and correct introduction of the functional pole into the territorial context of reference"

Master Plan and Investment Plan

The company has drawn up and presented the new Master Plan and the Investment Plan relating to the Industrial Plan to ENAC. Preliminary approvals procedures are currently underway.