Luggage Wrapping Service and selling of travel goods



presso Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna s.p.a.

Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna S.p.A. intends to hold a private tender for the assignment of two areas located inside the check in area, each having dimensions of approximately 3 x 2 meters, to be operated for luggage wrapping service and for the selling of small travel goods.

A draft of the sub-licensing agreement for these airport premises will be sent together with a letter with the invitation to the tender, once the expression of interest has been received. The agreement will be relevant for two separate areas both located inside the hall dedicated to check ins as defined in the layout attached at the present notice.

Duration of sub-licensing agreement: the maximum duration of the sub-licensing agreement is fixed at 2 years (starting from the date of handover of the areas, planned for January the 2nd 2014).

Bank guarantee:The sub-licensing agreement has to be covered by a bank guarantee for the entire amount.

The sub-licensing agreement has to be covered by a bank guarantee for the entire amount:

Expressions of interest for this tender will be accepted from Italian and international economic operators who can prove they have consolidated, continuous experience in the sector of luggage wrapping and in the sale of small travel goods.

Furthermore, to this end, the economic operators who wish to be invited to tender must prove that they have reached an annual turnover of at least €2.500.000,00 in the last year. Moreover the economic operators have to prove that the annual turnaround in the service of luggage wrapping must be equal or higher than € 2.350.000,00 hence it must indicate the share of turnover generated by the services of luggage wrapping and the share generated by selling small travel goods , providing details as to the location where this turnover was generated. The economic operator must have the above prerequisites by itself or by other completely controlled (100%) economic operators.

Moreover the economic operators must prove that the annual turnaround, in the last three years is equal or higher than € 2.500.000.

More precisely, the following information (with documented proof) related to the prerequisites for eligibility to submit expressions of interest must be sent together with the expression of interest:

  • consolidated, continuous experience in managing similar services;
  • number of Italian, European and world airports in which the economic operator has sub-licensing agreements and pictures of the more significant locations;
  • type of small travel goods which the operator intends to propose at Bologna Airport.

On the basis of the documents and the information sent, the Airport will carry out a preliminary assessment at the end of which, on the basis of the Airport’s discretionary, but justifiable, evaluation, they will select the economic operators who will be invited to prepare a technical and economic proposal, as specified more precisely in the letter of invitation to tender which will be sent together with all the documentation containing useful information for preparing the tender.

All those invited to prepare the above-mentioned technical and economic proposal will have the opportunity to carry out an inspection at Bologna airport by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact the Non Aviation Business Department by phoning 051-6479683, 051-6479750, 051-6479754 or by fax on 051-6479722.

Those invited to tender will have access to information including, for example, floor plans of the premises, a draft of the sub-licensing agreement, minimum technical facilities of the premises following completion of the upgrade works, the estimated forecast for traffic development at the airport over the two year period in question (without this constituting presupposition under Italian law or attributing to the winner any other form of expectation or claim), passenger profiles, route destinations, etc.

Award criteria: the most economically advantageous offer based on criteria and relative weighting indicated in the invitation to tender.

Instructions and deadline for submission of expressions of interest: la expressions of interest and the documentation proving possession of the eligibility requirements for participation in this tender must be submitted in a sealed envelope with the following wording on the outside: "Expression of interest to private tender for the assignment of sub-licensed two areas for the luggage wrapping service and the selling of small travel goods".

Expressions of interest to tender, complete with all the documents required to verify the eligibility requirements for participating in said tender, must be submitted by no later than 12.00 midday on 26th July 2013 to the Non Aviation Business Department of Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna s.p.a., Via Triumvirato 40132 - Bologna. The Department will attach a certificate to confirm receipt within the above-mentioned deadline.

This notice is in no way binding for Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna s.p.a. who reserves the right to act independently with regard to any decisions or choices that may need to be made in relation to it.

Director Business Non Aviation
Stefano Gardini